Nury's Founding

Where Multicultural Flavors Unite Singapore's Eateries


In the bustling heart of Singapore, where the aroma of multicultural cuisine fills the air, there exists a unique and heartwarming culinary story, the story of Nury Dim Sum. It all began in the friendship of two remarkable individuals, Firdaus and Heok Yong 30 years ago.

One usual morning, Heok Yong visited his good friend, Firdaus house, to la kopi and talk about their day. As they sipped on their Kopi-Tarik and ate the Chicken BBQ Pau and Siew Mai, freshly prepared by Heok Yong early that morning, the idea struck them both like a bolt of inspiration. What if they could share this harmonious blend of flavors with the world? What if they could bring people from all backgrounds together, not just through the flavors of their dim sum, but through the values and spirit that went into making them?

Firdaus introduced Heok Yong to the world of Malay flavors, infusing the dim sum with rich spices and aromatic herbs. In return, Heok Yong shared the Chinese culinary secrets that had been passed down through generations, adding a touch of tradition and innovation. The dim sum that emerged from their creative kitchen was nothing short of magical – it was a delectable fusion of both their cultures.

Nury Dian Xin was thus born.

Nury, a name born of cultural fusion, represented their commitment to unity. It became a place where cafes, coffee shops, and petrol kiosks across Singapore came to savor the tastes of harmony. Today, the values of Nury Dim Sum are deeply ingrained in the story of its founders, even as the company passes on through the generations.

As the sun rises over the city, Nury Dian Xin is served piping hot with a blend of flavors that celebrates unity. It's a story that reminds us that when cultures unite, when friends share, and when culinary artistry flourishes, something truly special is created – and at Nury Dian Xin, it's a platter of love, laughter, and unforgettable multicultural flavors.


Nury History