Dim Sum Catering

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 Welcome to Nury Dian Xin Delight, where we bring you the authentic flavors of dim sum, right to your breakfast table, and bring you along a delightful culinary journey that promises to kickstart your day with a burst of flavors, freshness, and tradition.


What's Available:

  • A wide ranged selection of freshly made Halal Paus (choose flavours from Chicken BBQ, Spicy Chicken, Chicken, Mutton, Red Bean, Vegetarian, Green Tea, and many more)
  • A handpicked selection of a variety of your favourite dim sum delights (choose from Siew Mai, Har Kau, Yam Cake, Carrot Cake, Steamed Rice Flour Rolls, Chwee Kueh, Chicken Fan Choy and Lor Mai Kai)
  • Selection of coffee or hong kong milk tea to complement your meal.

A convenient and hassle-free breakfast experience delivered to your doorstep, including food served in warmers or steamers with full set of disposable cutlery and serviettes.

Why Choose Our Dim Sum Breakfast Package:

  • Authentic Flavors: Our chefs are committed to preserving the authenticity and flavors of traditional dim sum recipes, ensuring every bite is a taste of culinary heritage.
  • Convenience: Say goodbye to morning rushes and kitchen chaos. Our Dim Sum Package brings you the ultimate convenience, allowing you to enjoy a gourmet breakfast without the mess and fuss.
  • Quality Ingredients: We source the finest, freshest ingredients to create our dim sum, emphasizing quality and taste above all else.
  • Halal Assurance: For our discerning customers, we are proud to offer a halal-certified dim sum option, ensuring inclusivity and adherence to dietary preferences.
  • Flexibility and Customisation: We are able to tailor our offering based on your budget with minimum order of $500.

How It Works:

Reach out to us at sales@nurydianxin.com or our Whatsapp/phone number at +65 6564 5667.

Share with us your budget, number of attendees, dietary preference, event date and delivery time and let us recommend you a suitable menu.

Our team will carefully prepare your dim sum and deliver it to your venue, piping hot and ready to enjoy.