About Us

Nury Dian Xin Delight Pte Ltd

Since 1996, Nury Dian Xin Delight Pte Ltd has been manufacturing a range of Halal Pau and Dim Sum and distributing it to Coffee Shops, Cafeterias, Schools, Hospitals, Petrol Stations and many more! Nury Dian Xin Delight is one of the pioneers in producing the finest halal pau and dim sum in Singapore. 

Nury Dian Xin has always been able to satisfy even the most discerning palate. This is because we understand that every ingredient's quality is paramount. Procuring the best ingredient is always our priority, and we adopt stringent quality control. Our company is well-known for its delicate products, produced under the most hygienic conditions by our team of well-trained, highly skilled chefs. In line with today's healthy lifestyle, we follow the three lows and one high as the general rule of thumb - low in sodium, fat, and sugar and high in fibre. Our company believes strongly in quality rather than quantity. We consistently conduct research and development to innovate and improve our recipe using the freshest 100% halal ingredients to produce natural flavours. 

We strive to sustain top-notch quality while giving you the best service.


To make food a universal language that can be enjoyed by anyone without boundaries.


To become a world class brand in the Halal Food & Beverage Industries. 


We create a possibility, innovate a dream and develop an opportunity.